"It was creative inventions such as this which made the concert so enjoyable. Garrison writes beautiful tunes, and it's his skills as an arranger that make you lean forward."


     Robert Bush – San Diego Reader




"You simply must catch Joe [and] Night People ... I've known him since before we started shaving and he is an amazing unsung hero of San Diego Jazz.  Joe is a fabulous composer and musician... with his band of first-rate musicians, plus gifted producer, Kamau Kenyatta, his new recording is a guaranteed mind blower."


     Dirk Sutro, Arts and Communications Manager, UCSD





the journey of jazz – for joe garrison



the journey of jazz
in san diego may
begin in bars, in
war town salons. It may
begin in military etchings.

used reeds, burnt piano tops.
but like a gift to the next
generation, it sprouted
again, in warehouses.
in studios, in spaces
before gentrification.
there were the ruse
incarnations. there were
aloud incantations rising after
the Kensington, 555 4th ave.
market and 4th.
old town 1904.
old town 619. and
joe was there.
handing out scores,
banging out time.
downbeats. sometimes,
i ask, where are we going joe?
the doors close in an hour
it’s five a.m. and I am no
closer to home. remember
gilbert? The city’s sky
was a cloth too broad
to cut, but you played
and gave color to
the night. off the walls.
there might have been
candles. space as a proclamation
that yes. it was here. We
conjure the ghosts
to make history live
again. where are we going joe?
what san diego will
we trace for the next
generation? what history
will we return like
letters lacking postage.
joe, map it. map it, joe.
so that the ghosts
come alive.



      Adrian Arancibia wrote the above piece for the

Return of Night People. Thank you, friend and brother. 


     Adrián Arancibia is a poet, writer, educator and, along with Adolfo Guzman-Lopez and Miguel-Angel Soria, a founding veteran of the seminal Chicano spoken-word collective the Taco Shop Poets. He is also an Associate Professor of English at Miramar College. In June of 2012, he received his Ph.D. in Literature from the University of California, San Diego.



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